In 2015 Zhang Fangbai is among CHINA8 artists, a very important event spread all over Germany presenting the best of Chinese contemporary art. Zhang Fangbai is one of the highest example of contemporary Chinese ink painting.


Hu Guoqing research is a constant way of getting closer and closer. “A definite point won’t be sufficient to express my thoughts. I start from an intuition, but then I need to go deeper.” says the artist

Ritratto Bu Tua

Video animation, digital painting

Bu Hua is known in the world for video animations and digital painting

Painting, Sculpture, Installation

Shang Yang is one of the more important Chinese conte portray artists. In Italy he has presented with yvonneartecontemporanea a straordinari painting 9 meters long in Palladio Basilica.

Painting, sculpture

Salvatore Emblema is a neapolitan painter well known for his technique: canvas un-weaving.

Digital painting

Mario Sughi works with digital painting. The use of the machine to make his painting is perfect to express the “cooling” of the expressive medium in order to re-define the relation between the artists and the subjects he present in his works of art.

Glass sculpture and installation

Oki Izumi works are mainly made of industrial glass panes, a material possessing the double quality of transparency and reflection. These works have all an accurate project often coming from architecture and they are constructed by the artist with a slow and hard process.

Installation, assembled works, painting

Franco Ionda has worked with Pecci Museum for many years. From his abstract painting he matured his own language centered around the theme of society and the daily condition of the individual.

Phonetic poetry, visual poetry, drawing, collage

Arrigo Lora Totino worked on phonetic experiments, sound poetry, relation between poetry, art and electronic music. His last performance was made at yvonneartecontemporanea gallery in 2009.

Sculpture, installation, drawing, photography

Lucio Scortegagna is a sculpture working mainly with concrete and steel.