Sculpture, installation, drawing, photography

Roberto Mascella artistic research is mostly focused on sculpture based on a deep analysis in scientific, technical and anthropological field.

Iler Melioli, portrait

Sculpture, painting, installation, assembled

The development of Iler Melioli research is framed within the context of Neominimalism. Through the adoption of a new geometric abstraction of conceptual origin, he has developed a process that operates through the deconstruction and re-founding of visual language.

Performance, installation, drawing, photography

Giovanni Morbin performing art promotes other people behavior. In his creation of objects as well.

Elena Pugliese portrait

Dramaturgy, audiodrama, audio installation

Elena Pugliese is a dramatist and an artist. She writes for theatre, cinema, radio. Her contemporary art projects use mostly the audiodrama medium.

Installation, drawing, sculpture

Tamara Repetto use of technology is discreet and elegant. She reproduces Nature sensory aspects, especially the olfactory sense, which is our days a field of deep study, innovation and research.

Picture of the artist

Sculpture, installation, drawing, photography

Cristina Treppo research on material is often related to construction. She creates greats site specific works of art, achieving always new and unusual balances between full and empty and between opposite sensory perceptions.


Dany Vescovi paints on canvas very sophisticated scans of Nature. The main interest of his research is on color, from natural to synthetic, and for this reason he plays special attention on flowers (the biggest production of color in Nature).

Sculpture, installation, photography

Dania Zanotto sculptures evoke the organic world, the relation with Nature, the dimension between exile and travel, the recall of mythical Era when men could understand the language and the signs of Nature.